All about the Abdominal Sweat Band

For some people, it is easy to lose weight; what’s hard is losing belly fat. There are a lot of products, diets and devices claiming to trim your waistline and give you toned abs. One of these is the abdominal sweat band.

What is Abdominal Fat?Abdominal Sweat Band

Fats are meant to be the body’s stored supply of energy. This is why Mayo Clinic recommends you to burn down more amounts of calories than what you eat in order to eliminate the fat cells. It is very difficult to burn abdominal fats because it consists of two fatty layers.

What is an Abdominal Sweat Band?

Abdominal sweat band is also called sweat belt or sweat wrap. It is made of synthetic material designed to be wrapped around the lower abdomen including the hips.

How Does Abdominal Sweat Band Work?

According to the manufacturers, wearing an abdominal sweat band during exercise will heat the fat cells. As a result, it will be easier to get rid of the stubborn abdominal fats. Moreover, the makers of this exercise accessory advocates that compared to room temperature, hot and sweat-soaked fat cells will burn faster. However, this assertion still needs to be verified by scientific researches.

How to Use Abdominal Swear Bands Properly?

Based on claims made by manufacturers of abdominal sweat bands, this exercise accessory has the most effect on the fatty tissues closest to it. Therefore, you should wrap it around your lower waist if you want to burn belly fat. Make sure that the waist band covers the area completely. You should also see to it that the abdominal sweat band is not too tight to allow you to breathe properly. On the other hand, the band must not also be too loose to ensure that the fatty tissues will be heated.  Perform exercises which keep you in an upright position such as walking and running. It is because having abdominal sweat band while you are performing bending exercises may hurt your midsection.

How to Care for Abdominal Sweat Bands?

Do not wash the abdominal sweat band immediately after use; instead wash it after several uses. You can just allow it to sun-dry after using to keep it from becoming smelly.  You should hand-wash it rather than putting it in the washing machine. Just lay it down and let it dry; do not iron it.

Is Using Abdominal Sweat Band Safe and Effective?

You must practice utmost care whenever you are changing the temperature of your body purposely. Pete McCall, the spokesman of American Council on Exercise, stated that increasing your perspiration may lead you to become dehydrated. Moreover, he voiced out that the use of abdominal sweat band only causes you to perspire a lot but it does not actually burn fat. These statements of McCall are documented in a 2010 article in the Los Angeles Times. In reality, an abdominal sweat band just relaxes and stabilizes the muscles similar to what happens during exercises even without the use of the band.

The use of abdominal sweat bands and the claimed benefits have yet to be verified by scientific studies. However, there is no harm in trying it if you wish.

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All about the Abdominal Sweat Band