Using Ganthoda Powder for Sleep

Usually, some people experience difficulty in sleeping which happens within one or two nights. If you have a hard time getting asleep regularly then you may need some treatment. Ganthoda powder is a type of herb which can be used to treat illnesses and this includes sleep problems. This powder can ease your problems taking good sleep. However, you have to consult your doctor first so that you can be sure if ganthoda powder is right for you.

Problems about SleepingGanthoda Powder for Sleep

Insomnia is a kind of sleep disorder. It gives you a hard time to go to sleep and stay asleep. This also causes you several times to wake up at night which causes you to have low energy the following day. Other conditions that cause you sleep disturbance are sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome or narcolepsy as well as stress, jet lag and caffeine. Chronic sleep problems can lessen your daytime effort and it will affect your quality of physical and mental health. Consult your doctor about the herbs and mediations which you can use to ease your conditions.

About Ganthoda Powder

Ganthoda powder is known to treat insomnia and other sleep-related disorders. Its scientific name is Valerana wallichii but it is commonly called valerian or Indian valerian. This powder has a mild sedative and calming effect on the brain and nervous system so it can help someone get sleep. In addition, Ganthoda powder helps ease anxiety and nervousness which both can hinder sleep.

Advantages of Ganthoda Powder

Ganthoda powder is not like prescription sleeping pills that are habit forming, so as they say it is safer to use. Ganthoda powder minimizes the time within which one falls unto asleep likewise it aids in keeping someone asleep for a longer period of time at night which can lead to a better quality sleep. The Ganthoda powder is available in herbal tea or in capsule form. The powder can also be sprinkled into a warm bath which can make someone relax making her sleep faster.


There is not much of clinical research that supports the use of ganthoda powder for treating sleep problems. Results of current studies are somewhat complicated and not sure whether it works or not. However if Ganthoda powder has no effect at once, you can wait for about 2 weeks for the powder to help you with getting into sleep faster and at the same time stay asleep longer. Although species of valerian are considered safe, speak to your doctor prior to your use of herbs, supplementations and medications as ganthoda may interact with any of them. At present, there is no known long term effect of the herb so take note you should not take the powder longer than what your doctor recommends.

Ganthoda powder is not addictive like other sleeping pills or formulations. However, since it is not backed with much research especially that part with which it helps with sleep problems, it is still important to seek the advice of an expert before using one.

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Using Ganthoda Powder for Sleep