How to Use Olive Oil on Skin

Olive is an evergreen tree that grows in the Mediterranean region. The tree gets taller to approximately nine meters and can withstand about 15 years before bearing fruit. The oil that is derived from the fruit contains intense consistency and can differ in hue starting from pale golden yellow to dark green. The most genuine type is known as the extra virgin and it possesses the palest color. It contains some assets that are good for skin care. Therefore, it pays to learn how to use olive oil on skin.

Tip #1: Know its properties.

Olive Oil on SkinOlive oil contains lots of antioxidant assets. It can also soak up UV radiation and is extremely effective in decreasing metabolism speed of the body cells, therefore aiding in mending cells and in putting off cell injury. Olive oil is calming as well as curative for different kinds of skin.

Tip #2: Know its health advantages.

Since olive oil is an eccentric source of vitamin E, consuming it had been connected to lots of health advantages such as lessening hypertension, reducing the development of several cancers, decreasing the gravity of asthma and arthritis, and might in reality sustain an inferior weight. Utilizing olive oil on the surface of your body can also provide advantages. Olive oil is established in lots of skin care products. The vitamin E established in olive oil is the main component.

Tip #3: Use olive oil on hair.

Incorporate one tablespoon of olive oil into your hair conditioner. Jiggle it thoroughly prior to every use and utilize the conditioner regularly. The olive oil will not only provide your hair attractive radiance, but provide manageability as well.

Tip #4: Use olive oil on eyes.

You can put a little quantity of olive oil on your fingertips and tenderly pat it at the angle of your eyes, eye lids and beneath your eyes as well. Practice it every night. Make sure not to get it through your eyes. You can also use olive oil on your eyebrows following tweezing or waxing to give moisture as well as calming relief.

Tip #5: Use olive oil on lips.

Put a little quantity of olive oil onto your fingertips then massage it transversely to your lips to give moisture as well as radiance. You can do the treatment daily.

Tip #6: Use olive oil on hands.

You can use olive oil every night to massage your nails and cuticles. Massaging your nails and cuticles with olive oil will provide attractive radiance to your nails as well as maintain the softness of the nail beds and cuticles. You can also make an olive oil scrub by blending small amounts of sugar and olive oil then scrub the mixture on your hands every night to maintain hydration and softness.

Tip #7: Use olive oil on feet.

Place one tablespoon of olive oil in a lukewarm footbath then immerse your feet into it for about 10 minutes. Dab it dry to provide softness and moisture on your feet as well. You can do this every day.

Tip #8: Use olive oil on the whole body.

Utilize sugar scrub everyday once you take a bath for never-ending softness and hydrated skin. You can as well utilize olive oil for body massage.

There are a lot of uses for olive oil on the skin. You must take advantage of this ‘wonder oil’ for skin care purposes.

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How to Use Olive Oil on Skin