Tips on How to Stop Bad Dreams in Children and Adults

All of us have experienced bad dreams. This may give you strong negative feelings like fear, anxiety, and distress. When you have bad dreams and wake up in the morning, you can still feel its negative physical effects such as rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, and sometimes it affects our mood. But some people are having bad dreams or nightmares regularly, and this is not a healthy condition anymore. Different theories and philosophies are being associated with dream interpretations. The most common reasons, according to studies are caused by anxiety and stress.  Aside from these, major traumatic events in life, sleep disorder, excessive consumption in alcohol, side effect of medicines, and alcohol withdrawal are also noted to cause bad dreams. In this article, we are talking on how to stop bad dreams in children and adults.

How to Stop Bad Dreams in Children

Tip #1

Stop Bad Dreams Often times, children who experience bad dreams are often heard screaming or crying in the middle of the night. These are common reactions for children. Before they go to sleep, make them feel secure and safe by reading them nice stories or just talk to them while they are still awake. If children are afraid of darkness, you can put on the night lamp to assure them that they do not have to sleep in a totally dark room. It will also be helpful to let them keep their favorite stuffed toy on the bed. This will also assure them that they have company or act as a support so they will feel they are not alone while they sleep.

Tip #2

Teach them how to pray before going to sleep, and make it a ritual. This will inspire children to feel safe and keep happy thoughts in their mind before going to bed. When they wake in the middle of the night screaming and crying because of bad dreams, parents should provide them with immediate comfort. Calm them down with a warm hug and let them feel that you are there to support them. Rubbing them on their backs is another way of showing them of physical assurance of your presence.

How to Stop Bad Dreams in Adults

Tip #1

For adults, fix a specific time for bed and it should be strictly followed. It means that whatever the circumstance may be, you should go to bed on that specific time that you set. And at the same time you must also wake up in the morning at a specific time. In short, make your own body clock.

Tip #2

As much as possible, do not watch television one hour before you go to sleep. Watching a scary movie, very depressing news can help influence your thoughts and stimulate bad dreams. To have a good sleep, spend the last one hour of waking hour with happy thoughts.

Tip #3

If you are experiencing bad dreams almost every night, try to analyze them. Maybe something is bothering you. If you can, write every detail of your dreams when you wake up. Then try to figure out what causes your bad dreams. If you found out that it is caused by stress and anxiety, talking to your close friends or relatives about it could help.

There are a lot of ways that could help stop bad dreams.  But the most important thing that you should do is to make sure that you feel relaxed before going to sleep.

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Tips on How to Stop Bad Dreams in Children and Adults